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Pioneer House, 46 Britannia St, London WC1X 9JH | +44 20 3489-9192

Taylor Smart

Art Psychotherapist
HCPC & BAAT Registered

Available for in-person or online sessions on Thursdays in Kings Cross.

I provide a safe and contained space for clients to engage in their therapeutic process through art-making, play or talking. My approach is client-led with an emphasis on helping you explore feelings and thoughts presently outside of awareness that may relate to unresolved experiences or issues. Art therapy provides a safe and creative way to think through and process these sometimes challenging experiences; promoting self-expression, understanding and healing. With the right support, we can better understand our own behaviours, how we engage with ourselves, others and our environments.

For children, feelings, thoughts and emotional experiences can be closely linked to behavioural and interpersonal patterns. By creating and expressing through art-making, play and reflection, children can come to better understand themselves and their peers and learn to look after their feelings and thoughts.
I am experienced working with children and adults in art psychotherapy as well as in other mental health and wellbeing support roles. I have over 10 years experience supporting young people and adults experiencing bereavement, cognitive and age-related losses, those with special educational needs, ASD, ADHD/ADD and common mental health problems.
Alongside my private practice, I work with a national children’s bereavement charity and a national mental health charity supporting the wellbeing of children and adolescents in schools.
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