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Pioneer House, 46 Britannia St, London WC1X 9JH | +44 20 3489-9192

Angela Loulopoulou

Dr Angela Ioanna Loulopoulou

Bilingual Counselling Psychologist and Clinical Supervisor (English and Greek)
BPS Chartered Counselling Psychologist and Expert Witness
HCPC Registered Practitioner Psychologist 
BACP Registered Psychotherapist and Supervisor
EMDR Therapist

Working with numerous health insurance companies: BUPA, AXA-PPP, Cigna, Aviva

Mondays 5:00-9:00
Tuesdays 4:30 – 8:30

I have been engaged in the field of psychology since 1995. I have been practising counselling and psychotherapy since 2000. I fully qualified as a Chartered Counselling Psychologist in 2004 and since then, in addition to therapy, I have also been supervising counsellors, psychotherapists and counselling psychologists. I gained my PhD in Refugee Care in 2010 and recently, in parallel to my clinical work, I have taken up an academic post within the Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology at a London University.

Since 2000, I have worked at a wide variety of settings, including the NHS, schools, youth centres and charity organisations, as well as being in private practice. I have worked with people of all ages and from many cultures and I am experienced in working with interpreters.

I am against labelling a person’s behaviour in symptoms but, if labels were to be used, I can work therapeutically with anxiety disorders, obsessions and compulsions, depression, trauma, bereavement, addictions and relationship and couples/family dynamics. I also have experience in writing medico-legal reports and a valid CRB. I work with adults, children and young people, either individually or in couple/family work.

I’m an advocate of tapping into a person’s inner strengths and talents to help the person in gaining fulfilment. My approach to therapy has been influenced by the philosophy of positive psychology and by the great variety of environments I have been fortunate to work in. As an effect of working at such varied settings I gained the clinical expertise of thinking therapeutically in an integrative manner, realising that there is not one approach to therapy that suits everyone that can deal with every issue. Therefore, in my work I bring with me the wealth of all the therapeutic approaches I have expertise in (person-centred, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioural, solution-focused and systemic therapy) and I adapt my work to best fit the personality and the needs of the client. Nevertheless, when there is a particular request I can work within one particular approach, such as CBT.

Additionally as an EMDR therapist, I can provide the EMDR intervention, which is very useful when dealing with the effects of one or more traumatic experiences (often clinically called PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder). EMDR works in a non-invasive manner and is an effective intervention with long-lasting results.

I strive to provide an environment where the clients and/or supervisee can feel comfortable to explore their concerns. Through this process clients can hopefully gain insight into their thoughts and feelings and how these determine their behaviour and perception of themselves and the world. With this knowledge, the person can then proceed to changing behaviours that have been unhelpful and can move towards improving her/his life.

What drew me to the London Art Therapy Centre to base my practice within it, is that it provides the space and the opportunity to work therapeutically utilising the arts should the client wish to.

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