Louise Fitzpatrick

Louise Fitzpatrick

Louise FitzpatrickAvailable Saturdays, Friday afternoons & Tuesday evenings

As an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist, I have an integrated approach to my work.

I believe that by working with the Arts, clients can come to communicate and express themselves in a way that words alone may not allow. Sometimes words are too much, and sometimes words are not enough.

I believe that by working with the Arts, we may open doors to parts of ourselves that can otherwise remain hidden. My experience is that by working with metaphor and imagery in therapy, we can more easily access and explore unconscious material. I believe that the Arts provide a way for clients to access the innate wisdom that lies within, which is essential in the process of healing, change and transformation.

It is my belief as a Therapist that we need to be creative in finding different ways that allow us to connect to Self. I respect the individual journey of each client, and offer a variety of ways of working to include the visual arts (paint, pastels etc.), clay, collage, sculpture, the sandtray, storytelling and myth.

Having trained as an Environmental Arts Therapist, I also believe in the benefits of bringing nature into the therapeutic work. This can mean physically working with nature to create art, as well as exploring how nature’s cycles and themes can help us better understand the cycles and themes of our own psyche.

My experience teaching Yoga since 2011 has inspired a strong belief in the transformation that can occur when we work with the body and breath. As an Arts Therapist, I incorporate this into my work in the belief that by deepening connection to body and breath, clients can have more understanding and choice about how they move and express themselves within the world.

From a theoretical perspective, I work in a way that is largely informed by psychodynamic theory, whilst maintaining a person-centred approach. I am also strongly influenced by Gestalt theory, alongside my continued studies of Eastern philosophy and psychology.

In addition to my private practice at the London Art Therapy centre, my experience as an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist includes 6 years spent working for a London-based NGO with children, families and adults surviving complex trauma. I have spent time working within a Personality Disorders unit within an NHS Adult Mental Health Outpatient service. Most recently, I have been working as an Art Therapist in a specialist school with children who cannot cope in mainstream education.

I am a director of the Urban Yogis UK program, which aims to bring yoga and mindfulness to high-risk and vulnerable young adults, alongside developing a yoga programme for Acute Mental Health Service Users within the NHS.