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Pioneer House, 46 Britannia St, London WC1X 9JH | +44 20 3489-9192

Kat Hudson

Kat Hudson
Integrative Arts Psychotherapist
HCPC Registered
BACP Registered (MBACP)
Member of BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists) and IATE (Institute of Arts in Therapy and Education)

Available for in-person sessions in Kings Cross on Wednesday afternoons, and online sessions

Art and creativity have always been important parts of my life. Ever since I was very young, I would frequently draw or make things, and find that expressing a part of ourselves in this way can be rewarding and cathartic.

Before graduating as an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist, I trained and worked in Textile Design, and set up an independent fashion, home and giftware business. I also started to run workshops for several social initiatives, sharing my design skills with others and helping them to connect with their creative resources and enhance their wellbeing. From here, I realised that I wanted to connect my love of the arts with supporting others more, which lead me to train as an Arts Psychotherapist.  

I am BACP and HCPC registered, with 3-4 years’ experience of working in adult mental health. I have worked with various psychological difficulties, including: addictions, trauma, psychosis, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, compulsive behaviour, intrusive thinking and perinatal mental health. I believe however that everyone has a unique story, which is fundamental to my therapeutic approach, and allows me to be open towards working with your individual challenges. The settings I have worked in include the charity sector and the NHS (in secondary care with inpatients and in the community). I have also worked with people across various ages, sexual orientations, ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds.

My integrative approach means that I use differing psychological perspectives so that I can be flexible to your needs. I also offer an equal working ethic, where we develop your treatment together and I am open towards what you wish to bring. I do not instruct you or provide ‘answers’, but I notice and remain curious of what comes up in the moment so that we can reflect on this side by side and help you to think about the obstacles you face. You may then discover your own path and realise your potential, which can lead to positive changes and personal growth. I am inspired by psychodynamic and person-centred principles – particularly attachment theory, object relations theory, transactional analysis and Gestalt; however my primary focus is on building a supportive, therapeutic relationship, by offering an empathic, non-judgmental space for you to explore the challenges that are present.

The use of art allows you to express yourself in a ‘sensory’ way, which can lead to a greater understanding of your feelings and circumstances. You do not have to use art if you would prefer to talk, but it can be especially helpful when it feels hard to describe your experiences in words. I believe that imagination and creativity can help us to reconnect with the less familiar ‘parts’ of ourselves, which for understandable reasons can be put aside when our environment hasn’t allowed them to thrive. This, in turn, can help us feel more ‘whole’, and lead to more satisfying ways of functioning and more rewarding relationships with ourselves and others. Channelling our emotions or difficulties into the arts can also help us to separate from them and gain more clarity in how we can support ourselves and which direction we wish to take.

The art forms I work with include: painting; drawing; sculpture; music and sound; metaphor and imagination; poetry and creative writing; role playing and the use of objects and the sand tray. These methods are often evolving, and you can be as creative as you wish! Furthermore, art therapy is not about technical skill – It’s more about the process of creating something and allowing what’s coming up in the moment to be authentically communicated, so that it offers some kind of meaning, form and/or enlightenment.

I work in full compliance with HCPC and BACP’s standards of ethics and codes of practice and my clinical work is regularly supported by UKCP/ HCPC registered supervisors. I also work privately in another London-based practice, and I work for a charity that supports young women who are recovering from addictions.

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