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Pioneer House, 46 Britannia St, London WC1X 9JH | +44 20 3489-9192

Jasmin Topalusic

Jasmin TopalusicHCPC registered Art Psychotherapist
BAAT registered

Available for in-person or online sessions on Saturdays in Kings Cross.

There is an assumption that you have to be a good artist to go to art therapy and that’s not true. In art therapy, we express ourselves through creativity and imagination. It is a therapeutic space where all emotions are accepted. It is a space that is confidential and where people are listened to and respected.

I’m an Art Psychotherapist who has been working and supporting children, young people, and vulnerable adults in various settings. I also work and support children with autism and work with refugees, political asylum and young women with addictions.

I’m passionate about the power art-making can offer children and adults. My focus is on developing therapeutic relationships and healthy attachments with my clients and understanding the impact of trauma on the self and relationships with others. I have a patient, calm and nonjudgmental approach, providing time and space for each individual to process and progress in their own time. I am experienced at working with many different cultures, languages, and religions and have seen the power of art-making as a nonverbal form of expression.

During the session, I invite clients to explore art materials and to use different colours, shapes, and textures to communicate. I gently introduce different techniques and explain how art can help us to explore our feelings that at times can be difficult to communicate verbally.

Once the client finishes making the image we look at it together and have a gentle conversation about it, exploring the internal world of thoughts and feelings through the creative process.

I follow the Professional Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct of HCPC and BAAT.
I have an MA in Art Psychotherapy from Roehampton and an MA in Fine Art.

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