Guy Rashty

Guy Rashty

Guy Rashty
HCPC Registered Art Psychotherapist
CPCAB Accredited Clinical Supervisor

I am a state registered Art Psychotherapist, also qualified as a clinical supervisor (TCSU- L6).

I have worked with children and adolescents with emotional and mental health difficulties for nearly 20 years. My approach, as an art psychotherapist, is psychodynamic, non-directive, with a strong emphasis on object relations and attachment theory. The therapeutic relationship is the core of the work for me as an art psychotherapist, and I follow my client and their needs. I am particularly inspired and influenced by the work of Wilfred Bion, Donald Winnicott, Esther Bick, Daniel Stern and Thomas Ogden. When working with children, I will initially meet with parent and child separately as well as together.

I will invite the client to explore and share their difficulties – thoughts, feelings, or experiences – at their own pace, whether verbally or through the art medium, in a non-judgmental, confidential and safe arena. The different parts of the psychological self could come to the surface through the art-making process, the evolving therapeutic relationship and the engagement with the trusted space. I am interested in and listen to what the client says not only through words, but also through their movement, their interaction within the space, their relation to the art materials – how they use and touch the art materials – and I listen to what they express through their silence. I will offer links to help the client piece together the different parts of self, which are being revealed, to form the dynamic image of self with a potential for its different parts to communicate and relate both in their internal and external worlds.

I have a wealth of experience, as an art psychotherapist, working with children and adolescents both in education and in other settings. Through my work with young people, I often offer mother & child therapy as well as family therapy to support and make the individual based work with young people more effective looking closely at the attachment between mother and child.

My private practice at London Art Therapy Centre follows my work as part of the mental health team within the NHS, where I provided therapy to individuals and groups in the community, which often involved working with the whole family system and their support structures.

I value and identify the importance of difference for my client group and their families, be it social, gender, race or ability. I have worked in a range of communities and ethnicities in London and the UK using therapy to improve mental physical health. My work with young cancer patients, children with long-term physical illness, those with psychiatric diagnosis and adults with learning difficulties has provided me with a deep understanding of the links between mind and body and helped me develop strategies to support the occurrence of co-existing conditions these clients may live with. I particularly identify the key role art therapy can play for these clients.

I am a qualified Art Psychotherapist, HCPC registered, specialising in children and adolescents. I am also a qualified clinical supervisor accredited to Level 6 by CPCAB.

I completed my training at Goldsmiths, University Of London, in Art Psychotherapy (MA). I also specialised in Visual Communication (BFA).