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Pioneer House, 46 Britannia St, London WC1X 9JH | +44 20 3489-9192

Dr Brian Kaplan

Brian Kaplan MDMedical Doctor  (M.D.)
Provocative Therapist
Autogenic Therapist.

I went to medical school and qualified as a medical doctor in 1980.  I felt I had been taught well to treat diseases but had very little training in how to help people – the main reason I studied medicine.

I then began a long journey studying whole person medicine including many forms of holistic techniques. Autogenic Therapy, in which I qualified in 1988 is a powerful stress-releasing and stress-proofing method which has proved to be most helpful in a world where many physical and psychological issues are caused or aggravated by stress. An eight session course ensures a thorough learning of a technique that will be useful throughout life.

Since 1996 I have specialised in Provocative Therapy, the cutting edge in the use of reverse psychology and humour in brief psychotherapy and counselling. I was trained by the founder of Provocative Therapy, Frank Farrelly and have given workshops on this energising process in the UK, Germany, Poland, South Africa and India. The goal of Provocative Therapy is to help change the client’s behaviour so that s/he is more likely to get what they want out of life. It includes elements of coaching, improvisational theatre and psychotherapeutic insight. I have found it useful in helping people lose weight, deal with habits and improve their work life.  It is particularly suitable for people who want to enhance the quality of their relationships with spouses, partners, parents, children and  colleagues.  I work with couples and help people who would like to find a partner change their behaviour so that they become much more likely to find themselves in a fulfilling relationship.

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