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Colleen Steiner Westling

Colleen Steiner Westling

Art by Colleen West;ingHCPC registered Art Psychotherapist
BAAT registered private practitioner

Available for online sessions

I was born and raised in America. Since my childhood, such creative expressions of seeing, making, changing and experimenting with colour, shape, texture, and image have been helpful in working though the thoughts and emotions of my life. I believe that every person, regardless of background, training, or experience, can also be helped by “having a go” with art materials to learn more about themselves and to process feelings that may not yet have been put to words.

My first academic degree was in Toy Design, where I first learnt theories of Developmental Psychology. After a decade long career in the Toy Industry that included extensive world travel, I joined a non-profit organisation that provided art instruction to adults with learning disabilities. For 2 years, I taught several students in an open studio setting until relocating to the UK in 2004.

I qualified as an MA Art Therapist from Goldsmiths University in 2009. During my training, I gained NHS experience working with adults with learning disabilities as well as UK State Secondary School experience working with adolescent children. While training I joined the UK charity Samaritans where I worked as a volunteer for over 6 years.

Since qualifying as an Art Therapist, I have worked in a variety of settings including primary schools and women’s aid organisations in various London boroughs in addition to seeing private clients at London Art Therapy Centre.

Within the Art Therapy session, I choose a client centred approach. I believe that the therapeutic relationship is at the very foundation of effective therapy and that confidentiality, trust and patience in the process are paramount. Each individual I meet represents a new and fresh perspective to be acknowledged and respected. Every person carries their own experience of life which can include unprocessed feelings of anger, loss, grief, and of feeling “stuck”.

My aim as an Art Therapist is to help clients discover their own inner resources toward developing forward in their worlds; I do this by providing materials, time and attention in a thoughtful and containing way.

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