Magda Florek

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Art Psychotherapist
HCPC & BAAT Registered

Available Saturdays

It is in playing and only in playing that the individual child or adult is able to be creative and to use the whole personality, and it is only in being creative that the individual discovers the self. ― Donald […]

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Elisabetta Cittadini

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Elisabetta Cittadini
HCPC registered arts psychotherapist

Available Tuesday evenings

” Art obliges us to communicate with the inner self, and in so doing, to engage in a dialogue with both our destructive and creative forces”

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Louise Higgs

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Louise Higgs
Available Fridays
HCPC registered Art Psychotherapist

I am a state registered Art Psychotherapist, also a qualified Early Years Practitioner (QTS).

I have worked with individuals diagnosed with autism and learning disabilities for over 15 years. I now specialise in offering art therapy to individuals with autism, learning disabilities, […]

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Taylor Smart

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Art Psychotherapist
HCPC & BAAT Registered

Available Monday, Thursday & Friday afternoons

I provide a safe and contained space for clients to engage in their therapeutic process through art-making, play or talking. My approach is client-led with an emphasis on helping you explore feelings and thoughts presently outside of awareness […]

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Auriel Eagelton

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Available Tuesday mornings & afternoons.

Integrative Arts Psychotherapist

“To use the arts expressively means going into our inner realms to discover feelings and to express them through visual art, movement, sound, writing or drama. This process fosters release, self-understanding, insight and awakens creativity” – Natalie Rogers

As an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist, […]

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Sally Skaife

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HCPC  Registered Art Psychotherapist

Available Tuesday evenings for both 1:1 and Art Psychotherapy Group

Sally Skaife has been running art therapy groups since 1975. She has an MA in Art Psychotherapy, a Diploma in Group Analysis and a Doctorate in Psychotherapy. Her clinical experience has […]

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Fawzia Afifi

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“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” (Jung)          


Available Thursday mornings and Saturdays.

Art Psychotherapy focuses on the relational creative process and connects each one to their creative source within, which is ultimately our life force […]

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Elaine Zaple Gulliver

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Artwork by Elaine Zaple Gulliver

Integrative Arts Psychotherapist

HCPC + UKCP Registered

Available Tuesday afternoons

For over 35 years I have lived and worked in the United Kingdom, South East Asia and the Middle East as a nurse, counsellor and art psychotherapist.  My passion […]

Dr Brian Kaplan

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Brian Kaplan MDMedical Doctor  (M.D.)
Provocative Therapist
Autogenic Therapist.

I went to medical school and qualified as a medical doctor in 1980.  I felt I had been taught well to treat diseases but had very little training in how to help people – the main reason I studied medicine.

I then began […]

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Den Cox

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Den Cox

HCPC  & BAAT Registered Art Psychotherapist

I am a passionate Art Psychotherapist with extensive experience in working with a diverse Adult Mental Health population.  I have experience of working with clients from varied ethnic, cultural and economic backgrounds.  I work in a caring and professional way, offering understanding, […]

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