Testimonials & Client Feedback

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“I am so pleased with the way the therapy is going for the two children, they both love attending the sessions and both are developing socially and emotional….. thank you for your continued support, as someone that sees the children daily, I am so pleased with the impact of the therapy.”
John Collins, Pastoral Care Manager, Hargrave Park School

“Art Therapy helped me defeat cocaine addiction”
Sir Anthony Sher, Actor

Art for the Heart, Training and Professional Workshops

“Many thanks for your sessions. I’ve found at the end of each one I’m intrigued and eager to know more. Maybe because through other people it is possible to learn about myself. Maybe because through having new glimpses about myself I am also more open to learning about other people…a realisation that it is alright to be sensitive…that it is alright to admit to feeling light and not dark, without a feeling of retribution”  D.W., Musician

“We know our members greatly appreciated your art therapy session and we received fantastic feedback from the members including:
‘The art therapy session in the afternoon elicited some surprising responses that I don’t  think many of us expected, almost a ‘freeing’ experience in a strange way’ Thank you for making our Members Day such a success.”
Louise Bayne – CEO, Ovacome; The Ovarian Cancer Support Network

“It was really helpful as a psychiatrist to partake in a creative therapy workshop which helps broaden my horizon and explore alternative ways of helping patients and also be aware of other therapeutic approaches.”
Dr. Stephen Stanley, Psychiatrist

“Well balanced course, tutor very caring & good group facilitator”  Janice, Teacher

“My creativity was galvanised”  Dana, Graphic Designer

“The subjects that you chose to introduce to us were arousing, intriguing, stimulating to do. Thank you, thank you for a wonderful gift.”  Ella, Teacher

“Thank you so so much for the wonderful workshop on Saturday. The whole group found it was very insightful and interesting, as well as being extremely helpful towards helping prepare them for the trip. I hope we get to work with art therapists in future, it’s definitely one of the most holistic and effective types of therapy I’ve come across and it was a real honour to learn from you.”
Shier Ziser, on behalf of the group of medical students from UCH.

“I found it spiritually and emotionally enriching and inspiring – want to do more”  Delia, psychotherapist

“Surprising…almost instant access to buried treasure”  Gill, doctor

“I find your openness and insights very encouraging and I appreciate your sharing beyond a classic teacher-student dynamic”  Shann, Student

“Gave me permission to explore expression through art which I had not done since school”  Nick, doctor

“I loved it and felt very moved and encouraged by it”  Liz, psychotherapist

“The group seemed to gel very quickly and the facilitator nurtured this feeling adhesion and safety”  Sarah, art psychotherapist

“There’s something nourishing about your workshops. They provide a time when I feel safe and relaxed and able to explore my creativity. More often than not I also find that I have connected with my sub-conscious in an unexpected and enlightening way. All this is a great contrast with my experience of art at school in which I learned a hundred ways to make brown.” Steve, film-maker

“I valued the way in which the workshop was developed – each segment felt in progression and dynamically connected – valued the model of respect and lack of judgment”  Linda, psychotherapist

“Many thanks indeed for allowing me to participate in your art group the other day. I really enjoyed the experience and was amazed at the depth of the work possible in the session.” Mike Clark, Medical Doctor

“This was a fantastic therapy day…the day flew by – I cant quite believe how much we accomplished”  Dana, jeweller

“All of them were unique original inviting exercises which helped me deepen my thoughts and feelings”  Lior, educationalist

“I really enjoyed the Art Therapy that I did with you earlier in the year, thank you so much. I have taken my favourite bits from each of the paintings that we did, and am taking them home to make a collage out of”  Monique, teacher

“Just to thank you again for yesterday.  It was such a worthwhile experience, both on a personal and professional level.  I arrived quite weak and left feeling recharged and stronger…no doubt fostered by your expert, unintrusive and sensitive facilitation.  This, coupled with the group, the work and the ‘gift’ provided the setting where transformation could take place.  Art therapy is truly an exciting therapeutic medium.”  Linda, psychotherapist

“I wanted to share with you my thoughts on Yafit Nahari’s workshop which I participated in on Sunday the 15th of June. I found the workshop really well planned-out, and the activities so insightful and creative.. Yafit did a brilliant job in my opinion with how she held the session, and I thought the way she reacted to the emotional responses within the group was both gentle and enlightening. The setting was comfortable and there was such great choice of art material.. It was amazing to see how much one can learn and experience in 2 hours with a sensitive facilitator and rich and creative environment!” N.

Art Therapy and Mindfulness with Nicky Roland – “I enjoyed the day thoroughly. Each activity was very valuable, allowing me to absorb the very essence of art and mindfulness, feeling the value of both. I felt that you provided a very safe space for each of us to be ourselves and show our strengths and vulnerabilities. A very big thank you. I will be looking into your other training”. K

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