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Pioneer House, 46 Britannia St, London WC1X 9JH | +44 20 3489-9192

All the practitioners are qualified, insured and registered with HCPC, BAAT, UKCP, BAP, BACP or their professional body for clinical governance and ethics.

Art therapy training involves training in psychotherapy, and – in parallel – training in art-making processes and responsiveness. This unique combination fuses together to develop a health care practitioner who thinks psychologically and insightfully; who has undergone their own psychological therapy; who knows about boundaries, uncertainty and taking risks, authenticity and humility; who has engaged in their own art-making processes; who can create a safe space where people can use a variety of art materials with unconditional acceptance to express themselves in any way; who is open to responding to the artworks with sensitivity, visual literacy, metaphor and creativity; and is able to have a therapeutic conversation with the clients to enable integration, growth and perhaps some healing.

Please click on a name or photo to read more about the therapist. If there is someone in particular you would like to work with, please let us know when you call to make an appointment.

  Art Therapists and Integrative Therapists Psychotherapists & Psychologists  Therapists working with Children &Teenagers    

Catherine Bechirian
Jane Caven
Den Cox
Louise Fitzpatrick
Mirella Issaias
Pia Jones
Hephzibah Kaplan
Helena Lewis
Jon Martyn 
Yafit Nahari
Gary Nash
Nicky Roland
Frances Walton
Colleen Steine
Helen Vance
Molly Wolfe

Art Therapy Final Year Trainee
Sarah Eagleton

Dr. Joe Hickey
Angela Loulopoulou
Limor Tevet

Louise Fitzpatrick
Dr. Joe Hickey
Mirella Issaias
Hephzibah Kaplan
Karen Lever
Yafit Nahari
Nicky Roland
Colleen Steiner Westling
Molly Wolfe


   Child Psychotherapist  

   Karen Joy Lever

  Associate Members   Centre Manager

Kim Davies
Jane Landes
Amanda Lebus
Vanessa Jones
Dave Rogers
Ian Siddons-Heginworth
James West

Anne Stegmann  


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