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Many couples – with or without children – are being forced to spend an unprecedented amount of time with each other. For some couples this may be heavenly but many others may find this new way of living very challenging. You may even have thought you had a good-enough relationship as long as you didn’t see your spouse or partner too often! Under the new circumstances, previous minor issues can escalate, demands and grievances can dominate, and love and goodwill get eroded.

Humour and Healing in the time of Corona may be just the opportunity for couples to do some work on their relationship.

In Almost Happy sessions for couples, Dr. Brian Kaplan (medical doctor and Provocative Therapist) and Hephzibah Kaplan (Art Psychotherapist) offer some short-term strategic counselling using humour and reverse psychology to help couples see the funny side of any issues that might be coming up.

Influenced by the work of Rowan, Farrelly, Hal & Sidra Stone, Ledermann and others, Brian and Hephzibah have developed a unique collection of buttons representing archetypal issues in relationships. In a confidential space they will invite you to explore some of the difficulties you may be facing. You and your partner will get a chance to choose buttons for the parts of your selves that may be getting in the way of happiness.

At the end of the session, you will be sent the actual buttons chosen so you can wear them or use them as a reminder of how humour can be used to help keep your relationship on track. The only qualification for doing this work is that you have a sense of humour about yourself and your relationship. You may well be surprised by how quickly the Almost Happy approach works!

From Couch-to-Couch, Dr. Brian Kaplan, medical doctor and provocative therapist and Hephzibah Kaplan, art psychotherapist and psychotherapy supervisor, are now offering a dynamic interactive online experience for couples.

Sessions for couples:

Couple session: (1 hour) £120  – Introductory Offer

Couple session: (1.5 hours) £170

Series of 6 sessions: (1 hour each) £650 in full

Booking: Please email to arrange an initial 10-minute complementary zoom meeting to discuss the session/s.

Please note: if you have had any previous mental health difficulties or complex trauma, we do not recommend this approach.

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