Individual Art Therapy

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Individual art therapy, also known as one-to-one work, usually takes place once a week at the same time with the same art therapist. You will be invited to use the art materials in a creative way. You do not have to be ‘good at art’ to benefit from art therapy. The images produced will elicit conversations that are helpful to the psychotherapeutic process.

Towards the end of your initial meeting, you will have a chance to discuss ongoing work and what kind of commitment this may be, both in terms of time, as well as financial.

The artwork produced during the sessions is kept for you in private folders and when you decide to finish art therapy, is yours to take with you. Everything that happens in the sessions is confidential.

You may self-refer to art therapy if you are self-funding. However if you would like to be subsidised, we suggest you make contact with your GP and request a professional referral.

To make an initial appointment:

Please phone the centre  or email here.

” The point of art is not simply to express ourselves, but to create an external, concrete form in which the soul of our lives can be evoked and contained.”

Thomas Moore, Care of the Soul