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Art Therapy Workshops in Business

For a number of years organisations have been inviting  ‘specialist consultants’  to inspire their businesses. From aromatherapists to management consultants, comedians to drumming workshops, everyone has had an experience of something different. The aims by and large have been quite simple: for work colleagues to respect, understand and like each other more; to work together better; to increase productivity and profit.

One of the lesser-known approaches is to invite a specialist art therapist, someone who works with self-expression and creativity, who understands the business issues, and is able to manage and facilitate the group.

We specialise in developing bespoke workshops for organisations. Whatever the brief, Hephzibah has had many years experience in delivery with consistently positive feedback. If you would like to have an initial chat about what is entailed, with no commitment, please call Hephzibah directly on 07946-603715.

Thank you Hephzibah the workshop was great and really echoed through the whole weekend which was one of the most productive AGMs for years with a real depth of discussion and sharing.‘ Bates Association Feb 2014

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Previous clients include:

Grey London Advertising Agency
Arts Council UK
Cancer Research UK
London Borough of Bexley
Spark, AQR
University of Surrey
University College Hospital
The Hospital of St. John and St. Elizabeth
The Royal London Homeopathic Hospital
Bates Association
JW3 Cultural Centre
JNF Education Department
The Homeopathic Physicians Teaching Group
The Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education
The Letchworth Centre for Complementary Medicine
Thompson Dunn Psychology in Management

International Clients include:

  • Aegina, Greece: Synthesis: Counselling and Psychotherapy Training School
  • Berlin, Germany: Homeopathic Association, Berlin
  • Johannesburg, South Africa: Ubelele Psychotherapy Centre
  • Tokyo, Japan, Society of Homeopaths
  • Pune, Delhi, Jaipur, India: Jain Publishing. Art Therapy on Tour

Group paintings, especially mandala paintings, are a powerful way to work with the group dynamics. They provide a container for coming together and an opportunity for growth.

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