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Rainstorm over the Sea by John Constable c.1824-8

Rainstorm over the Sea by John Constable c.1824-8
Constable is in Brighton, on the beach, and there’s some serious rain going on. He paints with huge, quick brush strokes to capture the energy of the storm. A ray of sunshine breaks through the clouds to the left of the canvas, telling us the there is a glimmer of hope; the storm will soon be passing.

If you have had a history of mental ill-health you may prefer to see an art therapist for individual work. Many of our team have significant experience in working with all sorts of psychological difficulties. If you are currently in crisis please contact your GP as a matter of urgency. Many GP’s are aware of the benefits of art therapy and they are welcome to liaise with us regarding ongoing therapeutic support.

For clients who are in the recovery stage, or perhaps need regular support, we suggest the Well-being and Support Group. This is an art psychotherapy group for people with stress, anxiety, depression, social isolation and other enduring mental health difficulties. The group provides a safe space to share experiences, fears and hopes and to explore meaning through making images. You do not have to be ‘good at art’ to attend.

In a non-judgmental environment, self-expression is fostered through the creative process, and the group works together to develop personal insight, increased self-confidence and mutual support. A whole range of art materials is on offer inviting you to explore different personal themes that we can reflect on as a group.

The group will progress towards new ways of attending to difficulties and identifying more resourceful ways of coping. In a group where boundaries are observed, this can help to reduce anxiety and familiar fears by raising awareness and developing compassion towards oneself and others. The group, with interventions from the therapists and from the members within it, facilitates connections with its fellow members while remaining respectful of each individual’s space.

The group meets every week except for Christmas, Easter and Summer breaks. Potential group members may self-refer or be referred by a health professional. If you are interested in this group, please call to arrange an initial assessment meeting with the facilitators. You may attend this meeting with a family member, friend or care coordinator if you wish. 

Please be aware that unfortunately not all GP’s are in a position to fund ongoing art psychotherapy and the funding application process can take a while. If you can self-fund, with reductions for block bookings, this can speed up the process.

Maximum size of group: 8 participants

Hephzibah Kaplan
(art therapist) & Kate Hardwicke (psychotherapist). Hephzibah and Kate both ran a similar Support Group at the Arbours Crisis Centre and are very experienced in working with adults with mental health difficulties.

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