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24 Nov 2024 | Online Workshop | Working with Slime in Art Therapy

Clients love making and using slime. It brings play and magic into the therapy sessions and engenders all sorts of non-verbal and verbal expressions in response to this process. It’s a great opportunity for children and young people to become experts at something they enjoy doing and experimenting directly with cause and effect. Slime-making is a wonderful approach for becoming a magician of your creation/transformation.

In this online two-hour workshop, art therapist Jasmin Topalusic will work from her slime kitchen showing us how to make slime and share some experiences from her work including how to keep slime and how to record and archive the slime art processes. There will be a short case presentation. The workshop and discussion will be co-facilitated by art therapist Hephzibah Kaplan.

This workshop will be delivered via Zoom. A list of simple ingredients and resources to prepare in advance will be sent to you on booking.


Jasmin Topalusic RATh trained in art therapy at Roehampton University and works with children and young people with ASD. She has also worked in education and addictions.
Hephzibah Kaplan RATh
qualified as an art therapist in 1998 and a psychotherapy supervisor in 
2005. She is Director of London Art Therapy Centre and facilitates workshops and trainings nationally and internationally.

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Date: Sunday 24 November 2024
Time: 2:30 pm – 5 pm
Cost:  Employer funded £75; Self-funded £65; Trainees £55
Online via Zoom  (this workshop is for adults)

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