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Pioneer House, 46 Britannia St, London WC1X 9JH | +44 20 3489-9192

Sama Hunt

Art Psychotherapist
HCPC Registered

Available for in-person sessions in Kings Cross on Tuesday afternoons & evenings, as well as online sessions.

(pronouns: she / call me by my name)

I believe that art heals and have seen people discover themselves again and again through creative processes and validating relationships.

I actively engage in an anti-colonial therapeutic practice which uses a range of healing processes and is underpinned by a variety of theoretic and philosophical influences. These include but are not limited to, transpersonal, existential, Buddhist and object relations. These perspectives are gathered to be used in recognition of the complexity of constraints on lived experience under the influence of the brutality of discrimination and deception of privilege.

I regard the limitation of spoken language as an opportunity to engage with the creative and symbolic realm. Image making expresses the unspeakable, literally and pictorially, and I see that life experiences can often render us speechless and that images created offer opportunities, as visual information, to make sense towards better understanding, healing, transformation and lasting change. Images and visual stories help us make sense of ourselves.

In my practice I offer space to attend to the unsayable and to feelings that struggle to be bared. Please do get in touch if you feel lost, stuck, caught in a pattern, or in crisis. Perhaps you’re suffering with anxiety, disappointment, loss, identity issues, grief, racial trauma, relationship & family issues, addictions, sexual violations, childhood & adult trauma and unnamed issues that upset and disturb you. Perhaps you would like a safe space to help you feel more embodied, to explore your gender identity, relationship style and or sexual identity or orientation. Perhaps you need support to consider how your intersectional narrative, which might include neuro-diversity and /or physical disability affects how the world responds to you and you would like to build healthier ways to counter the effects with a collaborative approach.

You may find that you are unable to continue holding secrets and shame. You may be feeling desperate for an opportunity to reconsider your life, and to re-configure who you are, your truths beyond long-held silence, and/or be finding it difficult to ignore your desire to explore and engage with your personal power, yearnings, creativity and heart.

Beginning therapy creates time and space just for you to be seen, heard and accepted, just as you are – an opportunity to explore your protective masks and consider who you’ve been and might be and want to become.

I am a London-based Art Psychotherapist offering in-person and online therapy. I have over 21 years of experience working in the context of child, adolescent and adult mental, emotional and spiritual health, within the NHS and schools. I am a clinical supervisor, Mindfulness practitioner and registered with the HCPC. I offer a safe, confidential and compassionate space.

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