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Pioneer House, 46 Britannia St, London WC1X 9JH | +44 20 3489-9192

social DreamingA day of introductory workshops towards working with dreams and image-making in social and group settings. The day will include a short talk, a Social Dreaming Matrix (SDM), Reflection Dialogues (RD) through image making and a plenary.

The workshops will introduce participants to specific techniques in respect to dreams and art, such as Social Dreaming, Blind, Inverted and Opposite Hand image making.

Francesca la Nave, RATh has an MA in Group and Intercultural Therapy and works as an Art Psychotherapist and a Group Analytic Psychotherapist in the NHS and Special Education and she is involved with a number of trainings in the UK and abroad. Her article “Image, Reflections on the Treatment of Images and Dreams in Art Psychotherapy Groups” was recently published in the International Journal of Art Therapy, Inscape and addresses the social and clinical possibilities offered by viewing dreams and visual image making through a collective optic.


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