Welcome to the London Art Therapy Centre blog. Many of the blogs have been written by Nili Sigal who co-ordinated the clinical meetings till Jan 2015. From March 2015 the clinical meetings are co-ordinated by Colleen Steiner Westling and Mirella Issaias.

The team meet monthly to discuss different themes in therapy and we often have guest speakers who present their clinical perspectives and experiences. Included in the blog entries are various other articles and writings from guest bloggers to art therapy in the news. To see some shorts and youtube clips on art therapy, please go to our galleries.

Clinical Meeting | Anxiety and the Corona Virus | Feb 2020

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Image of a pangolin with face mask – thought to be the cause of the Corona virus

From a nervous disposition to phobias to a full-blown anxiety attack, how do we understand and work with anxiety? Of necessity, people do need a certain degree of vigilance for […]

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Silverlinings Brain Injury Workshop

By | 2018-12-19T18:00:21+00:00 December 10th, 2018|Blog|

On the 6th December 2018, I had the privilege to deliver an art therapy workshop to a client group from the Silverlining Brain Injury Charity. 
Their mission states their goal is; “to unite, engage and rehabilitate all those affected by brain injury with positivity, purpose and advocacy in their […]

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How Art Heals: Integrating Practice and Research with Professor Shaun McNiff

By | 2018-11-12T19:10:31+00:00 October 10th, 2018|Blog|

On 22 September 2018 we were delighted to welcome Professor Shaun McNiff, veteran art therapist, prolific author and wonderful artist to run a one-day symposium for London Art Therapy Centre.

Many art therapists have read his books and for those who are not […]

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Rainbows, splatters and planets

By | 2018-10-15T16:24:37+00:00 September 18th, 2018|Blog|

London Art Therapy Centre was delighted to run a workshop for children with Stargardt’s eye disease, a progressive condition which affects the central vision in both eyes, on 15 September 2018. The Stargardt charity were themselves running a session alongside, for parents and carers on nutrition.  Art Therapist’s Guy Rashty and Sarah Holmes […]

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Shine On – The Many Facets of Glitter

By | 2018-12-19T17:54:37+00:00 May 9th, 2018|Blog|

Article edited by Hephzibah Kaplan with written contributions (initialled) and more from (in alphabetical order) Fawzia Afifi, Elisabetta Cittadini, Auriel Eagleton, Elaine Zaple Gulliver, Louise Higgs, Pia Jones, Sally Skaife, Taylor Smart & Colleen Steiner Westling.

Photographs by Pia Jones.

Shine On – The Many Facets of Glitter

Clinical […]

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The Birth Event

By | 2018-01-20T15:09:06+00:00 January 20th, 2018|Blog|

By Hephzibah Kaplan

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On one weekend in January 2018 London Art Therapy Centre hosted Professor Susan Hogan and her colleague Kate Phillips for a special 2-day event to learn and reflect about their work on the Birth Project they have been conducting at […]

Why art therapy?

By | 2017-11-20T21:21:35+00:00 November 20th, 2017|Blog|

by Auriel Sarah Eagelton

Auriel Sarah Eagleton looks at what neuroscience has to say about the benefits of art therapy 

When asked about his experience of art therapy, a young boy with dyslexia replied, “I feel proud”, while gesturing to his creations. An older boy on the autism spectrum […]

An Art Therapy Workshop for Children with Food Allergies

By | 2017-10-13T14:57:26+00:00 October 13th, 2017|Blog|

by Colleen Steiner Westling

AimmuneOn August 16th Louise Fitzpatrick and I, both art therapists at London Art Therapy Centre, had the pleasure of facilitating an art therapy workshop for a group of children living with food allergies. The workshop had been requested by the health organisation Aimmune whose mission […]

Noah’s Ark Creative Workshop

By | 2017-10-13T15:13:40+00:00 February 15th, 2017|Blog|

On 15th February 2017 London Art Therapy Centre was invited to run a half-term workshop for Noah’s Ark Charity. There were 20 families invited which meant parents, siblings, carers and wheelchairs in a big space totaling about 80 participants. Art psychotherapist Jon Martyn ran the workshop assisted by final year trainee Sarah Blick and Georgie […]

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Poem: Memory of Old Age

By | 2017-07-21T12:37:39+00:00 November 18th, 2015|Blog|

The Coming of Age 1 The Coming of Age 1

Memory of old Age

At the Hearth
Worn determined hands
Rolling newspaper –
Tightly, precisely, controlled.
The boy scout of old
Creating the kindling needed
For a fire in your home hearth
To keep your eighty-four-
Year-old bones from cold.

In the kitchen,
Another pair of hands
Liberally, loosely, […]