Sandplay Therapy: Symbol Series | 2 Sundays | 28 April & 16 June

Sandplay Therapy: Symbol Series | 2 Sundays | 28 April & 16 June

The two Symbol Series workshops follow on from the Introduction to Jungian Sandplay Therapy weekends. These have been created with the intention to explore and expand our understanding of the deeper symbolic nature of this modality, which has been described as ‘before and beyond words’. There will be referencing to archetypal themes in myth, fairy tale, and popular culture, exemplified within client work.

The workshops have also been created to offer a place of reconnection with Self, in the presence of an attentive witness, remembering Dora Kalff’s ‘free and protective space’ experienced within the introductory training.

Molly Wolfe, workshop facilitator, will gently be weaving in aspects of her additional training as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, inviting in a ‘felt sense’ connection.

The Elements  Sunday 28th April 2019

The morning initially focuses on an exploration of the physical qualities of each element, recalling that the sand exists as an incorporation of the action of all of them over long periods of time. We then examine archetypal qualities related to each element in the form of an early map of character types. This thinking is brought to life within a long-term child case study.
The afternoon offers an opportunity to ground and embody what has been percolating from the morning session. You will each be creating a tray, as before, with an attentive witness and we will end with a whole group reflection on the day.


Here be Dragons: Illuminating the Shadow Ground Sunday 16th June 2019 

The morning offers space to explore the many aspects of the symbolism of the snake, serpent, sea monster, dragon, across time, place and culture, as well as our own personal responses to them, remembering that each aspect is multi-valent, i.e. works on many different frequencies within a realm of opposites, always seeking balance and integration. This exploration aligns with our understanding of the Human Shadow, those parts of ourselves that have been split-off, buried, shunned, mostly because they could not be accepted by those in our early presence.
Jung differentiated between the personal shadow and the archetypal shadow, which will also be considered. Case material is presented to further illuminate these themes, acknowledging the importance of the ‘felt sense’ and sensory integration via sandplay. After lunch there is then time to bring something of the morning’s experience to ground, by creating your own tray, as before, in the presence of an attentive witness. We will end with a whole group reflection upon the day.

PLEASE NOTE: The Symbol Series of Sandplay Workshops is open to previous attendees to Molly’s Introduction to Jungian Sandplay weekends either at London Art Therapy Centre or Place2Be.

Course Facilitator

Molly Wolfe trained as an Art Therapist in Hertfordshire, qualifying in 1986 and in 2002 completed an MA in Transpersonal Child, Adolescent and Family Therapy at CCPE, which incorporated a Diploma in Sandplay Studies.

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Venue: London Art Therapy Centre: Pioneer House, 46 Britannia St, Kings Cross. London WC1X 9JH
Sundays: 28th April and/or 16th June 2019
Workshop fee: 
Students £90 +vat (£108 incl. vat); Self-funded £100 +vat (£120 incl. vat); Employer funded £120 +vat (£144 incl. vat)

*5% discount offered if you wish to book both workshops*

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