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Certificate in Environmental Arts Therapy 2019-20 | 1 weekend/mo over 12 months | from 9 Nov 2019

Eat_Cert_2017_300x400Course description:

This 12-month course trains qualified and final year trainee arts therapists in the use and understanding of environmental arts as a therapeutic process. Environmental arts are represented in their broadest sense: that is visual arts, movement, drama and ritual in wild and natural locations, inspired by natural themes and cycles and using natural materials. Through practical and interpersonal experience, it aims to enhance and develop the skills of the participants and prepare them for taking their therapeutic practice outdoors.


The Environmental Arts Therapy Course is based at London Art Therapy Centre in Kings Cross and also uses local parks, Highgate Woods and Hampstead Heath in North London.

Period of study:

There are 12 weekend workshops held each month for 12-months. There are a maximum of 15 participants, so early sign-up is encouraged as the demand is high.

The course follows the Celtic calendar and runs from November 2019 through to October 2020. Attendance is one weekend per month throughout the year (including academic holidays) and participants, who will be encouraged to attend all twelve weekends to get the most from the course, will be required to attend at least ten in order to obtain their certificate.

Course structure:

Each weekend will be made up of the following:

Saturdays 10.00am – 4.00pm | Studio Workshop and into Nature

Practical and experiential environmental arts therapy workshops will focus on the following:

  • Themes associated with each month
  • Reference to the EAT resource book
  • Guided imagery
  • Symbolism; links to theory and mythology
  • Nature, metaphor and personal process

Sundays 9.30am – 3.30pm | Skills Practice & individual/pair work in Woodland

One-to-one environmental arts therapy sessions offered by and to participants in pairs followed by a group session. This will enable you to put what you have learned into practice, developing techniques, interpersonal skills and developing your relationship with the Natural environment.

The reflective learning will focus on the following:

  • Skills-based work outdoors
  • Facilitated learning in pairs to reflect the therapist/client dyad
  • Group reflective discussion

Theory Seminar and Clinical Supervision –

Facilitated group discussion: focusing on developing skills and experience of workshop themes and their application to your clinical work. Theory will be explored in relation to the written assignments and support given in preparation for the final show.

There will be two written assignments, one on theory and one on practice and a final show which will display your learning experience in a variety of mixed media presentations.

Ian’s book “Environmental Arts Therapy and the Tree of Life” will function as the course handbook. Copies are available from the London Art Therapy Centre or from

Who can apply?

This course is being offered to final year and qualified arts therapists (art, drama, music, dance/movement and integrative arts) who wish to specialise and practice as Environmental Arts Therapists or who simply wish to enhance and extend their existing practice by working outdoors. Please note: only 15 places allocated.

To Apply

Please apply in writing and include a CV and statement of interest and e-mail:
Or phone the London Art Therapy Centre at 0203 4899192 if you would like to discuss your application.


Ian Siddons Heginworth RDTh, MPhil, Course Leader.
Ian is a leading pioneer of Environmental arts therapy. He runs a private practice as an environmental arts therapist and is the author of “Environmental arts therapy and the Tree of Life.” He is also employed as a specialist practitioner by Devon Partnership Trust and has been running seasonal workshops at the London Art therapy centre for the past four years.

Gary Nash Dip AT; MAAT. EAT Cert. Course Consultant
Gary is an art psychotherapist with over twenty years’ experience in adult mental health and private practice. He runs a fortnightly environmental arts therapy group in London. Gary will provide support with clinical application, theory and preparation for the written assignments.

Vanessa Jones Dip. AT; EAT Cert.
Vanessa is an art therapist and trained MBCT Mindfulness Teacher who has over sixteen years of art therapy experience working mainly in adult mental health. She is a Baat registered private practitioner, working outdoors in nature as an art therapist within her private practice and the NHS since 2010.

Course fees:

Each weekend workshop is £192 for a programme of 12 weekend workshops.
Course total for the year is £2304.
Employer funded places are £2760.

Early Booking
If you submit your booking form by 31st August 2019, you will be eligible for a 5% discount on the course fee which is then reduced to: £2188.80 for self-funding and £2622 for employer-funded places.

If you are self-funding you have the option to spread the payments – as follows. Please note VAT has been added to the figures below:

One weekend per month for 12 months

Course dates 2019/2020: twelve monthly workshops over one year:
Enrolment: November 9-10 2019

December 7-8 | January 18-19 2020 | February 15-16 | March 14-15 |April 18-19 | May 16-17 | June 20-21 | July 18-19 |August 15-16 | September 12-13 | October 17-18

Saturdays 10am-4pm and Sundays 9:30am-3:30pm

Course fees:
Course total for the year self-funded is £2304 and employer funded places are £2760.
If you submit your booking form by 31 st August 2019 you will be eligible for a 5% discount on the course fee which is then reduced to: £2188.80. For employer funded places, the 5% discount on early booking will also be applied.
If you are self-funding you can spread the payments as follows :

booking deposit
by 01 Sep 2019
Enrolment fee
11 Nov 2019
Third payment
17 Mar 2020
Fourth payment
14 July 2020
10% fee – £230.40

Early booking fee:
10% – £218.88

30% fee –  £691.20

Early booking fee:
30% – £656.64

30% fee  – £691.20

Early booking fee:
30% – £656.64

 30% fee  – £691.20

Early booking fee:
30% – £656.64


This fee includes assessment of all assignments, end of year show and certification.

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