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Art Therapy Research – A Survey

Exploring the Helpfulness of Arts-Based Methods With Children Living in Foster Care

September 2009 vol. 15 no. 3 64-71 Traumatology
Diana Coholic, Sean Lougheed, Susan Cadell

This article considers the usefulness of arts-based group therapy methods in working with traumatized children. Although traditional effective forms of trauma treatment are necessary for many traumatized children, the authors explore how for some children living in foster care arts-based methods offer an appropriate and helpful approach, conducive to posttraumatic growth, which may be more suited to their particular needs and circumstances. The research is qualitative and sought to develop a better understanding of the impact of arts-based methods on children in care. We discuss how arts-based and experiential methods can help children in care feel better about themselves and develop coping abilities without direct discussion and/or working through of their traumatic life events.

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