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27 Mar 2022 | Online Workshop | Dare we laugh with Clients?

There is much written about jokes and their relationship to the unconscious; humour as a defence, avoidance, collusion and more.

What happens if you find yourself amused by a client and can’t help smiling?

Do you ever dare make a joke? How about using humour and therapeutic provocation as a specific selected approach to activate change?

Developed from the work of Frank Farrelly in the 1970s, this CPD workshop will introduce the key concepts, principles and protocols around using humour within the therapeutic encounter.  We shall look at therapeutic objectives and identify the various different strategies to activate change. We shall learn how to choose the right approach and work with this safely for the benefit of our clients.

We shall use art-making as well as some impro work to develop skills in playfulness and spontaneity while keeping the integrity of the therapy in focus.


This workshop will be jointly facilitated by Dr. Brian Kaplan – author and provocative therapist and Hephzibah Kaplan, art psychotherapist, supervisor and director of London Art Therapy Centre.

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Date: Sunday 27 March 2022
Time: 3.00pm – 6.00pm UK-time
Fee:  Fee: Employer funded £96; Self-funded £84; Trainees £72
10% discount
for enrolment on both workshops > Dare We Laugh at Our Selves? on 27 February

Where:  Online via Zoom  (this workshop is for adults)

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