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23 Apr 2023 | Exploring Resilience & Creativity | 3rd of 4 “Art Therapy & Mindfulness” Workshop Series | Online | Sunday Aft

This is the 3rd of four afternoon workshops, over a four-month period. Each session includes guided art-making and mindfulness meditations, and has a specific focus (find out more below). You can attend each individually or book all four and receive a 10% discount.

23 Apr 2023 | Workshop Three: Exploring Resilience & Creativity |
A Mindfulness Meditation & Art Therapy Workshop

Future Session:
11 Jun 2023 | Workshop Four: Active Hope

A creative and explorative workshop integrating therapeutic art-making with guided mindfulness meditation, open to all levels of experience.

How can we cultivate resilience to support ourselves during challenging times?

One theme offered during the session will be trees as a symbol of resilience, explored through images, mindfulness meditation, art-making and group sharing.

We will connect with our felt-sense and self-expression to consider how we resource ourselves: how can we care for ourselves and others? How we can grow and thrive amidst adversity and change? How we can rest in our unique individual expression within our interconnected and interdependent networks?

• Cultivate spaciousness, presence and ease
• Open to creativity and insight
• Practice resilience and grounding
• Connect with the heart and emotions

All levels of experience with mindfulness and/or art-making are welcome to attend!

This workshop will be delivered via Zoom. You will need access to a private space to make art, and at least two art materials of your choice.

Feedback from former attendees:

‘I could not recommend this series of workshops enough’
– C.Smith, Art Therapist

‘Very useful and insightful experience’
– C. Kiff, Trainee Integrative Art Therapist

‘A great introduction to mindfulness linking it with creative arts therapy’.
– R. Tate, Play therapist

Course Facilitators/Leaders

Nicky Roland, is an experienced HCPC registered Art Therapist, and a trained mindfulness teacher, with several years work experience in the NHS, voluntary sector and in private practice.

This Course:

Sunday 23 Apr 2023 | 1- 4pm Online – Zoom

#3 (of 4 Sunday afternoon Workshops over 4 months (February – June 2023)

Future Workshop: 11 Jun 2023
– offered online by London Art Therapy Centre]

Cost: per session:

Trainees: £72 
Self-Funded: £84
Employer Funded: £96 

** Book all four afternoon mindfulness & art therapy workshops (19 Feb, 5 March, 23 April, 11 June) with a 10% discount.

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