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21 July 2012 • Art Exhibition • Opening and Viewings

Colours of the CoreColours of the Core

Works from Roehampton’s MA Art Psychotherapy Graduate Show

Dates: 21 July 2012 – 30 November 2012 – Viewings by appointment only!

Opening: 21 July 2012 | Private Viewing 17:30-19:30

This is a retrospective of works from the end of year show of Roehampton University Art Psychotherapy training 2012.

The work was created by students during the programme which involved inner exploration, academic challenge and clinical work on placement with a wide variety of client groups.

‘Colours of the Core’ is a creative response to the very deep transformational process that can occur when attendance is given to the inner worlds of the heart, the core, of being. While we learnt to attend to the expressions of our clients during the training, we also met the colours of our own core and each of us had our own experience of this.

The chance to show our work in the therapeutic environment of The Art Therapy Centre has been a unique opportunity which has allowed us to explore the process of our emerging identity as we transition from trainee to newly qualified Art Therapists whilst exercising our foundational ‘Artist’ identity.

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