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20 & 21 Jan 2024 | My Child & the Child in Me | Boundaries, Barriers and Discipline | Weekend Workshop 2 | Online

Why do we discipline our children?

Does discipline contribute towards nurturing a child’s character and personality?

Parenting styles are unique, highly personal and at the same time influenced by many factors including cultural, socio-political, and environmental norms and values.

In this workshop, we will explore the role of discipline and safety, boundaries, barriers and defences in our parent-child relationships. How did we learn them? How do we impart them to our children, why are they important…and why do we find discipline so challenging?

We hope the workshop will be informative, creative and reflective, integrating play, art and conversation. We will work in pairs and small groups.

Please make sure you have a journal, drawing, painting and modelling equipment available for use.


Nevo Amit is a registered Art Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Parent/Child Advisor. He is a member of the UK Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP); specialising in Psychosynthesis.
Nevo was formerly the Director of Hibernia Art Therapy training UK and clinical lead for the Novalis Trust: working with children with complex learning and emotional needs. He currently works with children and parents in Tel Aviv and is a pastoral care advisor to teachers in Waldorf schools. He is a visiting lecturer on various international Art Therapy trainings and initiatives and has presented at the Goetheanum, Switzerland.

Marion Green is an Art Psychotherapist and clinical supervisor registered with the UK Health Care Professions Council (HCPC), Member of the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT) and Certified Trauma Therapist (Intensive Trauma Therapy (ITT) WV USA).  A former social worker, Marion specialised in child protection, school based social work and adoption. She has worked with people in the penal system, psychiatric care, traumatised adolescents, the chronically sick and dying, homeless women and with women in the sex industry. She is currently working with primary aged children and their parents.
Marion is a visiting lecturer to several trainings and has been a regular seminar leader at the annual International Anthroposophical Art Therapy conference at the Goetheanum, Switzerland. She teaches internationally and has co-authored a chapter in the book Art Therapy with Neurological Conditions.  

This Workshop

Date: Sat 20 & Sun 21 January 2024
Time: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Where: Online via Zoom  (this workshop is open to all adults)


• Each weekend workshop: £280 (+ Eventbrite fees)
 Trainee therapist per weekend workshop:  £240 (+ Eventbrite fees)

We are happy to offer 10% discount for any two or more weekends booked in this special Child in Me series.

• Discounted price for 2 Weekends: £504 (+ Eventbrite fees)
• Discounted Trainee therapist price for 2 Weekends: £432 (+ Eventbrite fees)

Series Overview:

07 & 08 Oct 2023 | Workshop 1: Expectations of Being a Child (Online) 

20 & 21 Jan 2024 | Workshop 2Boundaries, Barriers and Discipline (Online) 

20 & 21 Apr 2024 | Workshop 3: The Effect of Parental Guilt and the Legacy of Family Secrets on Family Dynamics.(Online)

15 & 16 Jun 2024 | Workshop 4: Sibling Relationships within the Family of Origin and their impact beyond the family Location TBC 

Interested participants may enrol on one, or more of these weekend workshops in sequence, or randomly (i.e. first and fourth, second only etc.)

The reason that the location for workshop 4 is yet to be confirmed is that we would like to prioritise participants who sign up for all 4 workshops. This obviously depends on where you are based. If most participants cannot get to London Art Therapy Centre in London, then workshops 4 will take place online to enable continuity of attendance. However it may be that participants are happy to travel to London, and in this case we would like to offer workshops 4 as in-person workshop. We will let you know nearer the time.

10% discount for booking more than one weekend workshop

Terms and Conditions:

      • Interested participants may enrol on one, or more of these weekend workshops in sequence, or randomly (i.e. first and fourth, second only etc.)

      All participants registering for the first two workshops (Oct 2023 & Jan 2024) will automatically receive the discount code in their order confirmation email which can be used for the same participants enrolling in workshops 3 and/or 4.

      • If you have signed up for one of the first two online Workshops and would like to sign up for workshops 3 and/or 4, please contact to obtain your 10% discount code.
      • No refunds possible, unless we let you know an event is cancelled.
      • In the event of an in-person event being cancelled, we are only able to refund the cost of the workshop fee paid, and are unable to cover any other associated costs incurred (eg. for travel or accommodation.)
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