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Art Therapy Workshops in Business

For a number of years organisations have been inviting specialist consultants to inspire their businesses. From aromatherapists to management consultants, comedians to drumming workshops, everyone has had an experience of something different. The aims by and large have been quite simple: for work colleagues to respect, understand and like each other more; to work together better; to increase productivity and profit.

Increasingly we have been invited to facilitate workshops for Well-being, Mental Health Awareness, Stress-Management and Team Building. On or off-site and via zoom, these workshops stimulate self-expression and creativity, where participants get in touch with their feelings and attitudes and develop improved and authentic communication. These workshops are offered by members of our team who understand the business issues, and is able to manage and facilitate the group from 5 to 350 participants!

We also offer fusion workshops including Art Therapy and Mindfulness where participants are invited to a slowing down meditative process. The Dare We Laugh at Work and Dare We Laugh workshops introduce teams to a safe and effective way of using humour to affect change for the benefit of all. We work creatively with masks to explore authenticity and develop resilience.

The minimum workshop lengths are two hours and we also run half day, full day and a six session series of workshops according to your requirements.  Whatever the brief, in-person or on Zoom, Hephzibah has had many years experience in delivery with consistently positive feedback. If you would like to have an initial chat about what is entailed, with no commitment, please call Hephzibah directly on 07946-603715.

Thank you Hephzibah the workshop was great and really echoed through the whole weekend which was one of the most productive AGMs for years with a real depth of discussion and sharing.‘ Bates Association Feb 2014

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Previous clients include:

Adam and Eve Media Agency
Arts Council UK
Bates Association
Cancer Research UK
Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education
Grey London Advertising Agency
Hospital of St. John and St. Elizabeth
JW3 Cultural Centre
JNF Education
Kings College London
London Borough of Bexley

Philips UK
Push UK
Royal London Homeopathic Hospital
Spark, AQR
Tate Modern
The Homeopathic Physicians Teaching Group
The Letchworth Centre for Complementary Medicine
Thompson Dunn Psychology in Management
University of Surrey
University College Hospital

International Clients include:

  • Aegina, Greece: Synthesis: Counselling and Psychotherapy Training School
  • Berlin, Germany: Homeopathic Association, Berlin
  • Johannesburg, South Africa: Ubelele Psychotherapy Centre
  • Tokyo, Japan, Society of Homeopaths
  • Pune, Delhi, Jaipur, India: Jain Publishing. Art Therapy on Tour

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