Den Cox

HCPC  & BAAT Registered Art Psychotherapist

I am a passionate Art Psychotherapist with extensive experience in working with a diverse Adult Mental Health population.  I have experience of working with clients from varied ethnic, cultural and economic backgrounds.  I work in a caring and professional way, offering understanding, support and containment for the client and being intuitive to their needs in a confidential and safe environment.

My model of working is Attachment Based Psychotherapy which I feel is fundamental to a persons’ wellbeing.  I feel the attachment that forms in a young child’s years can have an impact in the rest of their life which is carried into adult life.  I visualise it as a persons’ jigsaw, working with the process at a pace that feels comfortable for the client to engage.  This, over time, can allow the client to make some connections, enabling acknowledgement, acceptance and understanding of their distress.

I believe the art making is a powerful vessel for clients who may have difficulty in engaging verbally in the exploration of their own individual distress.  However, I am also very aware of how it can feel anxiety provoking and inhibiting to make an art image.  Hopefully over time, with understanding and trust within the therapeutic relationship, this fear can be lessened and clients can be encouraged to be more confident in exploring and playing, while using art materials.