SilverOwlNestAndRestJourney Within
Creative mini-retreat for mothers-to-be

Are you pregnant with your first, second, third or fourth child?
Would you like some quality time-out for you and your unborn baby?
Would you like to prepare for this birth in a gentle, supportive, creative way?

  1. Come meet a small group of friendly Mums and get ready for birth in creative ways
  2. Make images of what “nesting” means to you in a safe and friendly environment
  3. Prepare for playing with your baby by experimenting with art & natural materials

No experience of the arts necessary – both introverts & extraverts

Group Details:

For bookings or any questions, please contact Pia on or 07968 542 061.


silverOwlLogoRun by Pia Jones – Founder of Silver Owl creative workshops and retreats.

Pia is a writer, artist, art therapist and creative workshop facilitator who uses art to support personal learning & growth. She recently gave a TEDxtalk about art as a compass in times of transition. Pia has a MA from the Institute of Arts in Therapy and Education.